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**SALE** I Begin EP (featuring 'Alphabet Song')

Image of **SALE** I Begin EP (featuring 'Alphabet Song')

£4.00 - On Sale


Bee Song
I Begin
Alphabet Song
Facts and Figures

'Electro-folk heroine Panda Su’s ‘I Begin EP’ (Peter Panda, ●●●●) is by turns darkly thrilling and heartbreaking. ‘Alphabet Song’ has us in tears in our post-rave environs, eyes on the dwindling light of a glow-stick, crying over ‘U’s and ‘Y’s. Panda Su? She gets an ‘A’.'
The List

'Arguably the most engaging record of the year'

' releasing a gentle lull of a record which delights in its beautiful simplicity, Panda Su embarks on her recording career with astounding poise and sensitivity.'
Bearded Magazine

'Panda Su has crafted an album that is immediately likeable while becoming better and better with each subsequent listening. That’s a good place to inhabit. The EP immediately evokes Sufjan Stevens’s older albums'

Released 2011